Due to the size of the AirPods, one of the main concerns was that they could be easily lost (this K-pop superstar reportedly lost $6,000 worth of AirPods to date), but it seems that their size created another problem: the potential to accidentally swallow them. This is exactly what happened to a 7-year old in DeKalb County, Georgia.

According to the reports, the mom of the 7-year old received a worrying call from her mother who was looking after the child. She was told that the 7-year old had choked on the AirPods after putting it in his mouth, where it was promptly swallowed. He was later brought to the emergency room for help.

However, the good news is that apart from the initial discomfort and choking, there was nothing serious that happened as a result of this accident. Based on the X-rays, it seems that the AirPod passed through the child’s stomach unimpeded, meaning that it did not get lodged somewhere more dangerous.

Doctors have since suggested that the best course of action would be to let it pass naturally. This is actually not the first time that we’ve heard of the AirPods being swallowed. Last year, there was a similar report where the person managed to poop it out where it was discovered to still be in working condition, albeit a bit dirty.

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