Smart locks are everywhere at CES, but what sets Brightlock apart is how you use your smartphone to unlock: the lock needs to see your phone’s light! Mainly designed for businesses and large corporations, Brightlock offers a hardware, software and cloud solution.

The service allows companies to get rid of keys, simplify the access management process, cut costs, and provide better control over the access to their buildings.
At the Havr booth, I watched a demo of the unlocking of Brightlock with a phone using LiFi via the Brightlock application and it worked well. Once the phone projected its light into the cylinder, the mechanism turned on and the lock opened. According to the company, using LiFi is secure, that is why the French and British armed forces are using LiFi technology.

The installation is very easy because the Brightlock cylinder is standard, it just replaces the old unconnected cylinder in the existing door handle. It takes only a couple of minutes and a screwdriver to install. Havr, the company behind the product, developed its proprietary LiFi communication technology and partnered with Thirard, an experienced lock manufacturer, to develop Brightlock.

The access management also happens from the administrator’s phone, where she can share access to anyone who has a smartphone, over sms, email or from the companion application. Authorized users can share access to their doors as well if they need to let suppliers or clients enter an office or warehouse in a specific timeframe. The benefit of having a software and cloud solution is the real-time monitoring of who is coming in and out. Havr is also providing an intrusion detection feature with the package.

Check the demo at Havr booth at CES 2020, in the Sands Expo, Hall G, La French Tech / Business France pavilion booth #50819

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