In the early days of mobile phones, pretty much every handset maker had their own proprietary charger. This meant that if you used a phone made by one manufacturer, you wouldn’t be able to charge it using another company’s charger. However, over the years, this has changed where Android handset makers adopted micro USB and now USB-C.

There is one holdout, however, and that is Apple who continues to use the Lightning port with its iPhones (and some of its iPad models), and now it looks like the EU is debating whether or not they should pass a law in which it would force Apple to adopt a more commonly-used charging port, such as USB-C.

It is unclear if this law were to go into effect how Apple might react to it. However, the company had previously defended their decision not to make the switch, suggesting that it would render many devices obsolete and also create a lot of electronic waste. This would also not be the first time that the EU has called upon companies to come together and use a more common standard.

That being said, there have been rumors that Apple could be looking to eventually shift to USB-C. After all, the iPad Pros have already made that transition and with the MacBook laptops already ditching legacy ports in favor of USB-C, we imagine that it is only a matter of time, but when exactly remains to be seen.

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