Students these days are becoming smarter about communicating with each other in class. Back in the day, we would pass handwritten notes to each other discreetly, but thanks to technology, students have come up with impressive new ways to go about it. Take for example a recent video that was shared on Twitter.

In this video, it shows two students who are exchanging one side of their AirPods with each other. They then type out a message they want on their phone and text-to-speech it, meaning that the other person wearing the other earbud will be able to hear what they are “saying”. The video shows the student using Google Translate, but we imagine that it should work with just about any app that supports text-to-speech.

That being said, we’re not sure how efficient this method of chatting is. After all, if you have your phone with you, you can just send a text message already. However, we suppose it is still a rather novel and ingenious idea that could potentially have other uses that we have yet to fully figure out.

We also imagine that this could be a good way to maybe even cheat in tests where answers and hints could be read out to you by hiding an AirPod in your ear, not that we would condone such behavior, of course.

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