Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps available for smartphones.

While it’s fun for some but meeting strangers may not be a good idea all the time.

So, Tinder has added some essential safety features that will come in handy if things go south on a date.

To start with, you will now have a panic button for an emergency which will alert the safety authorities when something goes wrong.

In addition to that, you will also have the ability to check-in to tell your friends/family, where you are on the date.

These safety features have been made possible by Noonlight which is a safety platform Tinder invested in.

Of course, the safety features will be an important addition when it rolls out to all the users in the U.S in the next few days. However, the changes are not limited to the safety features – but you can add a blue tick mark to your profile (to get yourself verified) by just clicking a selfie while giving the pose as instructed in a sample image by Tinder.

You can learn more about what has changed with the new update in their official blog post. Nevertheless, the additions seem useful and meaningful for the Tinder app.

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