Whether or not the day will come when Apple unveils their own car remains to be seen, but for now, it seems that the company is definitely showing a ton of interest in automobiles with the various patents we’ve seen the company file for in the past. In fact, here’s another you can add to the list.

According to a recently-discovered patent, it seems that Apple has filed a patent for a hi-tech car seat. The patent talks about how the problem with car seats these days is that over time, they can get worn out, where the trimming and material can get stretched over time and may longer hold the shape it used to when it is new.

To combat that problem, Apple has come up with a system involving a series of rollers that can tighten and stretch the material of car seats to accommodate the user over time. “An adaptive tensile control system includes a covering couple to a motorized retractor operable to release and retract the covering in response to control signals. An adaptive seat suspension includes a flexible suspension mat coupled to a motorized retractor operable to release and retract the flexible suspension mat in response to control signals.”

It also mentions that instead of a car seat that comes with a heating element inside it, which is awesome during the colder days, it could also incorporate fans that can help blow cool or warm air through the fabric. That being said, as it is a patent, there is no guarantee that Apple will make this a reality, but the company’s growing interest in cars is definitely something to keep an eye on.

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