Apple Pay can be used to make online purchases. It can also be used to make offline purchases at stores where users simply tap their iPhones or Apple Watches at compatible POS terminals. However, what if a retailer or restaurant does not have those terminals installed? Now there is a new way of paying.

POS service provider Clover has recently announced a new feature called Scan to Pay where smaller retailers can simply include a QR code on its receipts where upon scanning, Apple Pay users will be redirected to a website where they can then make their payment using the service.

According to Clover, “Developed to expedite the payments experience in response to consumers’ increasing expectations for speed and convenience, Scan to Pay helps eliminate inefficiencies within the traditional full-service restaurant payment process by allowing a guest to pay a bill and tip within seconds using their iPhone and Apple Pay.”

This method is similar to how iPhone users scan QR codes where they can then be taken to a product or company’s website, except that in this instance, they can make payments through this method as well. Clover claims that this method will be faster and also potentially more secure, as payments made through Apple Pay require users to authenticate themselves through Face ID or Touch ID.

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