We’ve heard of companies who ban players from playing their games due to them violating their terms of service. This is usually due to cheating, hacking, or other types of violations. However, these bans are typically limited to that particular game itself, but it seems that EA is taking things to the next level.

The company has announced on Twitter that they will be banning eSports professional and FIFA gamer Kurt0411 not just from FIFA games, but from all of the company’s games and also their services. According to EA, they are alleging that Kurt0411 had threatened EA employees as well as other players, and as a result, they have resorted to this decision.

According to EA, “His messages have crossed a line of decency into very personal attacks and breach our Terms of Service. We will not tolerate threatening behavior. As a result, today Kurt0411’s EA account will be banned from playing our games and accessing our services due to these serious and repeated violations.”

Kurt0411 has been rather outspoken about EA in the past and how they are managing their games. He has since responded to the ban with a post on Twitter, claiming that EA had banned him because he thinks that they were “scared I’d win them”.

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