For years, the EU has been pushing for a standard mobile charger. This was in the early days where some companies were still making proprietary chargers. For the most part, the majority of handset makers eventually settled on micro USB and are now moving to USB-C, but if there is one holdout, it would be Apple.

Apple had previously argued that switching to USB-C from Lightning would create a lot of waste, but a report from Reuters has revealed that the EU has rejected Apple’s arguments and have overwhelmingly voted, 582-40, in favor of a standardized mobile charger. This means that once this law comes into effect, it could potentially force Apple to start introducing USB-C iPhones in the future.

That being said, we’re not sure what the reason Apple has for holding out. The company has seemingly been more than happy to embrace USB-C, where they were one of the first few laptop makers to completely ditch legacy ports in favor of pure USB-C. They also introduced USB-C to the iPad Pro.

This has led to speculation that these changes could eventually find its way to the iPhone, so really, it’s just a matter of when. Perhaps Apple had their own timeline as to when they would be making the switch, but it looks like this new proposal could force the company to move up their timeline.

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