At the moment there is no known cure for the coronavirus. While there have been some methods that have been used that seem to show some promise, there is no official cure just yet. The best progress we’ve seen so far is a vaccine that has been sent for human trials, although whether or not it will be approved or work remains to be seen.

However, with all the panic that has been created with the coronavirus outbreak, it does not come as a surprise to learn that there are some individuals out there who are taking advantage of this by claiming to offer cures and whatnot. So much so that Facebook has been forced to start cracking down and banning ads that make claims like promising a cure to the virus.

In a statement made to Business Insider, a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We recently implemented a policy to prohibit ads that refer to the coronavirus and create a sense of urgency, like implying a limited supply, or guaranteeing a cure or prevention. We also have policies for surfaces like Marketplace that prohibit similar behavior.”

Platforms such as Facebook have long been plagued with such issues, where some have taken advantage of their ad spaces to sell ads that are misleading or contain inflammatory content. The company has also been grappling with dealing with fake news, where they have come up with all kinds of ways to help educate users on it.

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