Facebook has been planning to launch its dating service across the world. However, the Facebook dating service’s launch was blocked by the EU’s lead data regulator.

As per the reports, Facebook failed to give enough advanced warning before the launch.

In addition to that, it also failed to comply with the legally required assessment of privacy risks.

As far as we know, Ireland’s Independent.ie newspaper reported that Facebook failed to provide the documents for inspection by when approached by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC).

For Facebook, it will be disappointing news while they planned for Valentine’s day launch.

The Irish Data Protection Commission also published a statement to address the concern. They mentioned that Facebook Ireland first contacted the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) in relation to its intention to roll-out a new Dating feature in the EU on Monday 3 February.

Facebook planned to launch the service on February 13. Even though they had a launch date planned, for some reason they did not provide any relevant documents/information for the Data Protection Impact Assessment.

Hence, Facebook Ireland decided to postpone the roll-out of its dating service after proper assessment. While we still do not have the exact information on the launch date but it is going to be soon enough for Europe.

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