WhatsApp started out as a mobile app for users to chat with each other, but the company has since expanded where they have created a desktop version of the app where users can also chat while on their computers. Now, if you do use WhatsApp on the desktop, you might want to consider making sure it’s been updated to the latest version.

This is because according to PerimeterX researcher Gal Weizman, it has been discovered that the desktop version of WhatsApp had a security flaw that affects both Windows and Mac, in which had the flaw been exploited, it would have allowed hackers to remotely access files on the victim’s computers.

This is because WhatsApp for the desktop was built using an older version of Google’s Chromium web engine that had known flaws. The reason for using it was because it made it easier to create multi-platform versions of apps based on web technology, although the downside is that this framework is not secure if it based on an outdated engine.

Thankfully though, the security flaw was patched after Facebook had been alerted to it. However, you will need to make sure that your version of WhatsApp for the desktop is the latest version, so make sure you’re updated if you want to keep yourself safe.

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