The iPhone used to two with two ports: a port for the headphone and a port for the charger. Apple eventually removed the headphone jack, and apparently based on a report from 2018, Apple engineers did toy with the idea of creating a port-free iPhone (although this obviously did not come to pass).


However, the future of a port-free iPhone could be closer than we think. This is according to a report from Macworld in which it was discovered that in the iOS 13.4 beta, there have been some references made to a hidden iOS Recovery mode that has been designed to work wirelessly.

Given that this is hidden, it means that Apple isn’t quite ready for the feature to undergo beta testing just yet, so there is a chance it might not even make the final cut of iOS 13.4. However, it does seem to hint that Apple is toying with the idea of making its devices cord-free. The company introduced wireless charging a couple of years back, and the launch of accessories like the AirPods and AirPods Pro shows how Apple is looking to embrace a wireless future.

Whether or not we will ever see a port-free iPhone remains to be seen, but it could be Apple’s way around the EU’s plan to standardize charging cables.

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