As far as styluses are concerned, the Apple Pencil is pretty expensive. However, many have praised the stylus, especially when used together with the iPad Pro. The size and the response of the Apple Pencil makes it ideal for drawing as well as taking down notes, where it could be faster to write than type.

According to a report from MacRumors, they have obtained some information which suggests that iOS 14 could include a new PencilKit feature that will be able to take handwritten words and transform them into digital text. As it stands, the Notes app allows users to handwrite text and make it searchable, but it doesn’t convert it into digital text.

However, with the new PencilKit feature, you might be able to do just that. One of the examples that MacRumors gave is how you can use the Apple Pencil to write a message in the Messages app, and it will then convert that text into regular digital text which you can then send to the person you’re chatting with.

However, before you get too excited, the publication notes that there is no guarantee that this feature will make it into the final version of iOS 14. This is because they have heard that Apple has a new approach to developing new features for iOS, where certain features can be toggled on/off depending on whether the company wants to ship it out in the final build.

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