ipad proWhen Apple introduced iOS 13, one of the biggest changes, especially for the iPad, is support for using an external mouse. However, even then it wasn’t necessarily an ideal experience as Apple had intended for it to be more of an accessibility feature, as opposed to a way to turn the iPad into a laptop replacement.

However, that could change with iOS 14. According to a report from 9to5Mac, they have found evidence in early iOS 14 code that suggests that improved mouse support could be coming in the next major iOS update. This comes in the form of actual mouse cursors that would mimic the experience that one might expect from a computer, like a Mac.

For those who are unfamiliar, as it stands, the mouse cursor on the iPad is circular in design. This is different from a computer which uses a pointer, but based on their discovery, it seems that a more traditional mouse cursor icon could be introduced in iOS 14, along with multiple pointer options that will change the cursor icon depending on what is hovering over (like a hand with a pointed finger while hovering over links).

In a way, this makes sense and it also seems to corroborate a recent rumor that said that Apple could be planning to launch a new Smart Keyboard accessory with a built-in trackpad.

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