These days, it’s not uncommon to see smartphones come with time-of-flight cameras. Now it looks like according to a report from Fast Company, they have been tipped off by a source with knowledge that it looks like Apple will be introducing a new “world facing” 3D camera on at least one of its next-gen iPhones that will be launching this year.

According to Fast Company’s report, Apple has apparently been working on this for the past few years, and it is only this year that the company finally feels like it could be ready to be launched. The report does caution that Apple could still cancel their plans, but at least for now, the 3D camera has been included in the 2020 iPhone’s design.

This 3D camera will of a laser and a sensor and software that is designed to help it better sense the world through the lens. The laser will help measure the distance between the phone and objects in front of it, which in turn could help improve on augmented reality experiences and apps, where getting a better gauge of distance could help scale and overlay objects more precisely and realistically.

Apple has not made their love and interest in augmented reality a secret. In fact, there have been rumors suggesting that the company could actually be working on an augmented reality headset that might be announced later this year.

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