Right now with more people practicing social distancing, it can be quite a lonely and isolating experience. However, this is necessary if we want to keep the coronavirus outbreak under control, and to prevent unnecessarily burdening our healthcare system, but there is good news for those who want to watch movies with their friends.

This comes in the form of a Chrome extension called Netflix Party that will let friends watch movies and TV shows together, and chat at the same time. How is this different from watching Netflix and chatting with friends using another app? Basically the extension will sync what you are watching with your friends, meaning that you and your friends will be watching the same scene at exactly the same time, as if you were in the cinemas together or in your living room watching it on the same TV.

The group chat function will also let users chat with each other as the show progresses, kind of like YouTube’s Premiere feature. It also helps to prevent spoilers for those who might have watched several minutes ahead of you. This is a free extension, although the downside is that it seems to only be available for Chrome.

So if you’re using another browser like Firefox, then you’d be out of luck. If you’re interested in checking it out, then head on over to its website for more details on how to install it.

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