Being able to see well enough to be able to read is something a lot of us probably take for granted, at least until the day comes when we start having vision impairment issues. However, there are many people out there who suffer from visual impairment, and the good news is that thanks to technology, no longer being able to read won’t be a problem.


This is according to OrCam who have announced that they will be showing off their new handheld OrCam Reader, a device that uses AI to help those with reading difficulties read. This includes difficulties stemming from dyslexia, aphasia, mild to moderate vision impairments, and even those who need to read but are simply just too tired to do so.

The OrCam Read will use AI algorithms and a simple to use point-and-click operation that will quickly and easily allow users to scan paragraphs of text, whether it be from a newspaper, book, or computer, and read it back out to the user.

OrCam is no stranger when it comes to vision-based tech. The company had previously shown off the OrCam MyEye 2.0 at CES a couple of years ago, which we awarded the Best Of CES 2018.

The company will also not be the first to come up with this kind of tech designed to help people with reading difficulties. There are alternative devices like the Lexilight that helps those with dyslexia, which we also awarded them with a Best of CES 2020.

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