[CES 2018] In the past before technology arrived in its present form, helping the blind “see” was limited in terms of the options out there. This involved the use of Braille or audio cues which alerted the visually impaired to their surroundings and helped them make sense of the world. However technology has advanced far enough where there now exist gadgets that can help the blind “see” the world around them.

One such device is the OrCam MyEye 2.0, which as you can see in the video and photos is a pair of glasses that watches the world around the wearer, and can then relay that information back to the wearer to let them know what is going on. The best part is that it seems to be able to fit most users, even those who wear glasses, thanks to a magnetic mount that will help it attach itself to the user’s eyeglasses.

Upon wearing it, MyEye 2.0 will be able to scan any surface, such as books, restaurant menus, signboards, phone screens, computer monitors, and more, and relay that information back to the wearer. All the user has to do is point at the object for it to work. It even features facial recognition where the device can alert the wearer to whoever is in front of them, and can also learn names and repeat it back to the wearer.

According to OrCam co-founder and CEO Ziv Aviram, “Our mission is to empower people who are partially sighted, blind and have reading difficulties, including dyslexia or those who experience reading fatigue, to study, work and live their lives with a high degree of independence.”

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