When you watch drone footage, it can sometimes look very epic and majestic, but the reality of filming with drones is that they can be incredibly noisy. If you’ve ever seen a drone being flown, you can definitely hear how loud it is, and this is a problem that UPS is looking to solve by working together with German drone-maker Wingcopter.

Both companies will be collaborating to develop next-gen drones that can be used for deliveries, and one of the problems they plan to solve would be the noise. UPS is definitely interested in using drones for deliveries, but we imagine that having a bunch of loud drones flying over neighborhoods probably will not go down too well with residents.

The drones that Wingcopter have already developed have the ability to takeoff and land vertically which makes it ideal for tight spaces. It also makes it more efficient and more versatile in a variety of uses, including commercial deliveries.

According to UPS, “The core innovation behind the company’s electric-vertical-takeoff-and landing drones is the patented tilt-rotor mechanism, which enables a seamless transition between two drone modes: multicopter for hovering and fixed-wing for low-noise forward flight. The aerodynamic Wingcopter aircrafts operate with unmet stability even in harsh weather conditions.”

That being said, it will probably be a while before we start seeing these new drones being used in UPS deliveries, but it could be something to look forward to in the future.

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