UPS To Deliver Medical Supplies In North Carolina With Drones

UPS is joining forces with Matternet, an autonomous drone delivery startup, to test deliveries of medical supplies using drones. The companies have announced their partnership today which will see supplies being delivered immediately using Matternet’s M2 quadcopters to WakeMed hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina.

UPS To Develop Medium-Duty Electric Delivery Trucks

We know that UPS has been looking to convert its delivery trucks to electric. However the “problem” is that so far UPS has only focused on its larger delivery trucks and also its smaller delivery trucks which are usually used for the last mile. So what about those that are in between?

UPS Modular Electric Trucks To Hit The Road This Year

UPS stands to gain a lot from ditching fuel-powered trucks in favor of those powered by electricity. It’s no surprise that the company has teamed up with Arrival, a technology company based in the United Kingdom, to develop a fleet of 35 modular delivery trucks that are powered by electricity. It’s going to start testing these rather futuristic-looking delivery trucks before the end of this year.

UPS Has Pre-Ordered 125 Of Tesla’s ‘Semi’ Electric Trucks

UPS is known to many as a delivery company, but it seems that the company is also interested in technology and using it to improve its services. For example we’ve seen how the company is exploring the idea of using drones alongside their trucks to help with deliveries. We’ve also seen how the company is looking into using virtual reality to help train drivers.


UPS To Convert Diesel Trucks To Electric Truck For NYC Deliveries

With the number of deliveries that UPS makes on a daily basis, it also means that the company has their trucks out for delivery all day, and the number of miles that they cover is huge, and we’re just talking about the US market. However in a bid to cut down their carbon emissions, UPS has announced a new green initiative for their New York City operations.

UPS To Improve Driver Safety Using Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) technology might seem like a perfect vehicle for gaming, but recently we’re starting to see how some companies are exploring using the technology as a means of educating and training people. Recently Google did an experiment and found that those trained in VR performed better than those who trained by reading and watching videos.

UPS Is Also Looking Into Drone Deliveries

The idea of using drones to make deliveries isn’t new, and we have seen how companies such as Amazon and 7-Eleven are looking to take advantage of the technology. In fact in some countries such as Singapore, local postal services are also looking into using drones to deliver snail mail.

UPS Package Tracking Gets Major Improvement

As one of the most popular logistics companies on the planet, chances are you might have waited on a UPS parcel at some point in your life, and if you felt that package tracking could have been much better your prayers have finally been answered. UPS package tracking has received a major improvement and it now offers true package tracking, enabling you to see where the truck that’s carrying your […]

UPS Expands 3D Printing Services To More U.S. Locations

In July last year, we brought you word that UPS has started to offer a 3D printing service to the masses, and taking into consideration that such an effort was in its infancy back then, it made plenty of sense to see the 3D printing service being limited to just several stores and not see a widespread adoption rate. However, it looks like the experiment to deliver in-store 3D printers […]