So far, Apple has introduced its new scissor switch keyboard to its 16-inch MacBook Pro that was launched last year. The company later updated its MacBook Air with the new scissor switch keyboard, so the question is, what about those who don’t want the 16-inch MacBook Pro and want the 13-inch model instead?

The good news is that according to a tweet by Jon Prosser, he is claiming that the 13-inch MacBook Pro refresh could be coming this May. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, although admittedly it’s more of a question as to when the laptop will be refreshed, rather than if it will be refreshed.

It has been a while since the 13-inch MacBook Pro was refreshed, so like we said, it’s really only a matter of when. We’re not sure what significance May has for the refresh, but we wouldn’t rule it out entirely. As for what kind of updates we can expect, apart from the new keyboard, we are probably looking at mostly an upgrade to its processor.

We might see new storage configurations, but the keyboard is probably the biggest change. For those who are hoping for something a bit more drastic, word on the street is that Apple could be making the switch to ARM-based processors as early as next year. We have also heard that the company could be working on redesigned MacBooks, but that will also only happen next year.

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