The race is currently on to find a cure or vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. Given that there is no known cure at the moment, even if governments were to ease up on restrictions or to allow people to go back to work and for businesses to resume, there is still a chance that the virus could re-emerge and infect the population again.

However, there is some good news because researchers around the world are hard at work at trying to find a vaccine for the virus. According to the WHO, they have revealed that currently, there are about 70 vaccines for the virus that are being developed, and out of them, 3 of them are said to be showing very promising signs.

The furthest along in development in the clinical process is by a company called CanSino Biology together with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology. Then there are also vaccines developed by Moderna and Inovio. While it might be a while before these vaccines are ready for the general public, the speed at which they are being developed and sent for trials is said to be at breakneck speeds and are unprecedented.

Right now since there is no known cure, a vaccine is probably the next best thing to help prevent the rest of the world from contracting the virus. When exactly these vaccines will be ready remains to be seen, but it’s comforting to know that there are many in development.

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