gmailScam emails aren’t exactly new, and to Google’s credit, its Gmail platform has actually been doing a pretty good job at blocking most of them (if some are still slipping through, you can check out our guide on how to block emails on Gmail). However, with the coronavirus outbreak, it seems that there are more scam emails than ever.

According to Google, it seems that due to the virus outbreak, the company’s Gmail platform has been blocking as many as 18 million coronavirus scam-related emails on a daily basis. The company claims to have intercepted emails related to the virus that contain malware or are phishing emails designed to steal the user’s login credentials.

It also seems that there are as many as 240 million coronavirus-related spam emails that are also being filtered on a daily basis. There is still a lot of confusion and uncertainty regarding the coronavirus, and it’s not surprising that many bad actors are taking advantage of this to sell fake supplements and medications that claim to cure the virus.

Some are also taking advantage by posing as government officials to request for bank details and other forms of personal information that you might not necessarily give out on a regular basis. Note that to date there is no known cure for the virus, so any emails you receive claiming to offer a cure are without a doubt spam/scam. Also, if you want the latest updates on the virus, it’s best to check government websites directly.

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