Ahead of the iPhone SE being announced, it was rumored that the handset would be largely based on the iPhone 8. A subsequent teardown has revealed that the internals of the handset were similar to the iPhone 8 where certain parts could be swapped with one another. It was also revealed that the phone would pack the same 1,821mAh battery.

According to Apple’s website, it notes that the iPhone SE should last as long as the iPhone 8, but a new battery test uploaded onto YouTube by Brandon Butch revealed that the iPhone SE actually outlasts the iPhone 8 in a battery test.

The test revealed that the iPhone 8 managed to get a little over 5 hours of battery life during the testing process, but despite the iPhone SE sporting the same battery, the test revealed that the new iPhone SE lasted a little over an hour longer than the iPhone 8, clocking in at 6 hours and 12 minutes.

This seems to be slightly different from a previous battery test which found that the iPhone SE only managed 3 hours and 46 minutes. Of course, the testing methods are different which also goes to show that depending on how you use your phone, you could get more or less battery life than what’s being advertised.

We imagine that the new and more efficient A13 chipset probably had a role to play in allowing the iPhone SE to last longer than the iPhone 8, so it could be worth upgrading if you’re coming from a much older iPhone.

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