With Apple now having made the full transition on all its laptops to the new scissor switch mechanism, it looks like lawsuits involving the laptop’s keyboards can be put behind them, at least for the most part. However, it seems that the company is still being plagued with lawsuits involving their older laptops.


More recently, Apple has been hit with a lawsuit involving its 2016 MacBook Pros, where some users are experiencing “stage lighting” issues where the bottom part of their laptop’s display is showing abnormal backlighting patterns. For those unfamiliar, unlike OLED which lights the pixels up individually, LCDs require a backlight that illuminates the entire display.

According to some users, the 2016 MacBook Pro comes with a backlight cable that is too short and repeated opening and closing of the laptop’s lid has caused stress and tearing on the cable, resulting in the uneven backlighting. The lawsuit alleges that Apple was aware of the issue but failed to disclose it to customers, going as far as to claim that Apple had “intended to defraud” based on the way the company designed its laptop.

The lawsuit also claims that Apple only covered the repairs for the 13-inch model, despite the fact that the 15-inch models were affected as well, and charged customers as much as $850 to get it fixed.

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