Ideally you would want to create and use a different and complicated password for each and every single account you have, but it’s not always practical as it can be difficult to remember. This is why it’s not surprising that many people tend to use passwords that are too simple, or reuse passwords across multiple accounts.

To help prevent that from happening, Mozilla has recently released the latest update for its Firefox browser in which it will come with improved security features. This includes the ability to detect when a password you’re using might have been part of a leak, or if you’re using a password that is identical to a breach.

For example, if you’re using “123456” as your password (and we’re hoping you’re not), and that password is part of a breach of a website where someone else is using that same password, it will let you know. This is because it might be easier to figure out someone’s username, which can sometimes be as straightforward as their email address, than their password.

Mozilla reassures users that Firefox will not actually know your password, but simply checks your encrypted passwords against a database of known breached websites and accounts. That being said, while this is a welcome feature, you can always create strong passwords and manage them by using a password manager, and you can check out our guide on how to do so.

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