Due to the fact that we have a camera on our phones, it’s easy to go trigger happy with them and snap everything in sight. As a result, our phone’s storage can fill up pretty quickly, which is why companies like Apple have introduced the HEIC file format. This is basically a file format that makes photos smaller in file size compared to more traditional formats like JPG.

The idea is that by making files smaller, it will let users squeeze in more photos on their devices. Unfortunately for students taking the AP exams online, the fact that their image files weren’t recognized by the system has caused some of them to fail, which in turn means that they will need to undergo replacement tests.

For those unfamiliar, part of the AP’s online exam includes a written component. Students will need to write their answers down, snap a photo, and upload it to the website. As per the College Board’s FAQ, supported file formats include JPG, JPEG, and PNG. However, some students using the iPhone (which saves photos as HEIC by default) ran into issues while uploading their photos.

This seems to be related to a glitch we had heard about earlier that caused students to fail the exam as they weren’t able to complete it in time. That being said, the College Board has since come up with a new solution that will address future tests. Should there be a failure in submission, students will now receive a notification and be prompted to submit their answers via email, where HEIC files are automatically converted to JPEG.

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