Due to the size of tablets and laptops, it is obvious that it will never be quite as efficient at cooling compared to a desktop computer that has ample room for larger fans and better airflow. However, Microsoft thinks they might be able to help with that and have patented what appears to be a cooling dock solution.

The patent was filed back in 2019 and was recently discovered by WindowsUnited after it had been published earlier last week. Now, the concept of cooling docks aren’t new. We have seen a variety of laptop stands with built-in fans in the past, but Microsoft’s system suggests a more hi-tech solution by relying on magnets to help keep the device in place.

In a way, by using magnets, it makes the laptop/tablet part of the actual dock, similar to how you might attach a keyboard accessory like the Surface Pro Type Cover. Also, unlike other cooling docks that simply have a fan attached to it, Microsoft’s patent suggests that there could be a heat sink built into the dock that will make it more efficient at dissipating the heat.

However, given that this is a patent, there’s no telling if Microsoft has plans to turn it into an actual product, so maybe don’t get your hopes up at seeing this hitting the shelves anytime soon.

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