In countries like the US, there are programs that help those who are unemployed by allowing them to claim unemployment benefits. These programs have become more important than ever, due to the coronavirus pandemic that has forced many companies to temporarily or permanently shut down.

This has left many people around the world unemployed, and these people are starting to turn to unemployment insurance programs to get them through these tough times. Unfortunately, things might get tougher as according to a report from KrebsOnSecurity, they have discovered a memo by the Secret Service that is being circulated in the US, warning these unemployment insurance programs about an ongoing scam.

This scammer ring is said to have been relying on personal user information stolen from data breaches, such as Social Security numbers, and using them to file for unemployment claims. The scammers are also taking advantage of the poor security measures that are currently in place, where certain states do not have the ability to detect multiple applications from the same internet address.

While we imagine that stricter measures will need to be put into place to prevent these scams, what this means for those people who legitimately file for these claims could end up waiting longer as states may need to run more extensive background checks to ensure the filing is the real deal.

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