Right now, testing for the coronavirus can be tricky because there seems to be a shortage on the number test kits out there. This means that doctors cannot simply waste these kits on anyone who just walks in and asks for it, and it is typically reserved for more serious cases, which can be problematic as it means that people who should be isolated aren’t.

However, thanks to the work done by researchers at Northwestern University, they have developed an adhesive sticker that can be worn on the neck. This sticker contains sensors that can wireless transmit information to a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, which in turn could provide healthcare workers with information that could help them catch the problem earlier on.

The sticker works by monitoring the area between your throat and chest, where it keeps a look out for any irregular or labored breathing, which is one of the symptoms of the coronavirus. It also checks for respiratory sounds, monitors your heart rate, and also checks your body’s temperature, where having a fever is also one of the symptoms.

By leveraging this information, it could help doctors and health officials spot cases earlier, which means that these people could be isolated quicker to prevent the spread, and also could potentially save their lives as it means that they can be monitored and treated earlier before it gets too serious.

There is still work left to be done with this device so don’t expect to see it made available anytime soon.

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