So Apple has unveiled iOS 14. With the latest update to the platform, Apple has introduced a ton of new features that they demoed in their livestream. Naturally, the company wouldn’t be able to cover all of the new features, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that there are actually a lot more changes that we can look forward to.


One of those features that was not announced actually comes in the form of a “double tap” on the back of the phone to perform actions. Yes, it seems that with iOS 14, Apple will be introducing a feature where users can double tap or triple tap on the back of their iPhone to perform specific commands.

For example, users will be able to set it up so that when they double tap on the back of the iPhone, it will launch Siri, or launch the App Switcher. They can also set a triple tap where it might take a screenshot on their phone, execute a Siri Shortcut, and so on. These are actually designed as accessibility features, but we imagine that they will be useful for anyone who’s looking for more things to do with their devices.

However, it should be noted that in its current iteration, there appears to be a bit of a delay when you double/triple tap. We’re not sure if is because the feature has yet to be properly optimized, or if it is done on purpose to prevent users from accidentally performing commands without intending to.

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