Until a vaccine for the coronavirus can be found, the only way that countries can help prevent additional spreading is through lockdown procedures, social distancing, and also contact tracing that helps authorities track people who might have come into contact with an infected person to help reduce the spread.

Contact tracing comes in several forms, including websites and apps, but now over in Singapore, it seems that the government is looking to introduce a wearable which will help with contact tracing without the need for a mobile device. In the process, it seems to have raised some privacy concerns.

That being said, this would not be the first time such a device is used. For example, over in countries like Hong Kong, tracking wearables are mandatory and are given to those who are under quarantine to ensure that they do not leave their homes, but like we said, some are worried about the implications and the kind of data that is being sent back to authorities and what they might be used for (other than contact tracing).

At this point in time, not much is known about these wearables and if they might be mandatory for all those living in Singapore, or if it could be an optional thing that users can volunteer to wear themselves.

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