iOS users might be familiar with how Siri operates on their iPhone. When they summon the digital assistant, it is launched in a full screen mode where any questions they ask will be displayed on the Siri screen itself. However, Apple will be changing how that works to make Siri less intrusive and disruptive to your experience.

Now whenever users call for Siri, a small Siri icon will be displayed at the bottom of your screen to indicate that the digital assistant is active. This has been done to prevent your view from being blocked, so that whatever apps you are still running can be seen. Information that you ask Siri will also now be displayed in cards.

For example when you ask for the weather, a small card with the weather information will be displayed at the top of the page, so that you can quickly glance at it without it getting in the way of anything else you may be doing. Apple has also made its digital assistant a bit smarter, for example when you’re browsing a recipe page, you can ask Siri to add items to your grocery list and based on the information in the page, Siri should be smart enough to pull the relevant information.

Siri has gained a bit of a bad rep over the years for feeling clunky and not quite as responsive compared to other digital assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, so it will be interesting to see if these changes will be able to bring Siri more on par with the competition.

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