Cars are by no means a cheap purchase, so you can imagine that people who already own cars might not be willing to swap out to a new one, especially an electric car which still hasn’t quite gone mainstream yet. However, over in the UK, it seems that the government could be considering something rather radical.

According to a report from The Telegraph, they are claiming that the UK government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson could be looking to pay drivers up to £6,000 each to swap out their current fuel-powered cars for electric ones. While this sounds like it could be the government’s way of going green, it seems that it will also help spur the country’s electric car industry which has been struggling ever since the coronavirus pandemic.

This will help out the likes of UK car makers such as Jaguar and Mini, while also helping to boost the country’s economy as it would encourage people to spend. As it stands, the UK is currently looking to ban the sales of combustion cars by 2035, so this incentive could go a long way towards helping them achieve their goals.

However, there are still issues like range anxiety, where the number of electric vehicle charging stations still isn’t quite as ubiquitous compared to gas stations. We’re seeing efforts made in other countries to address that, such as over in Germany where the country will make it a requirement for all gas stations to also include EV charging stations.

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