If you own the Apple Pencil and use it together with apps like Procreate, you probably know that you can use the Apple Pencil to act as a color picker where you can select colors in images within the app and replicate said colors. However, what if you wanted a color that was not available in the app or if you can’t seem to replicate that particular shade?

You could of course spend some time trying to find the right shade, but according to a patent by Apple, it seems that the company is exploring the idea of maybe allowing future Apple Pencils to act as a real life color picker. So for example if you were trying to draw a portrait of someone and you wanted to get the skin tones just right, or if you’re trying to draw a tree and wanted that particular shade of green, you could essentially point your Apple Pencil at the person or object to replicate the color.

According to the patent, it suggests that this can be accomplished by including hardware into the Apple Pencil that can emit electromagnetic signals that could be used to capture the color and replicate it within an app. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this is a patent, there’s no way of telling if Apple plans on making this a reality.

However, Apple has been working on ways on improving the Apple Pencil to make it an invaluable tool for artists and creators, so we wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if such a feature were to actually be made.

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