As many businesses are forced to temporarily halt their operations due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not surprising to see that many people have started to cut their own hair at home. This is because going to the barber or hair salon is no longer viable for the most part, but YouTuber Shane of Stuff Made Here decided to take this opportunity to create a robot that can cut his hair.

Now, this isn’t as straightforward as a robot arm wielding a shave or a pair of scissors and going to town on your head. As Shane points out in the video, part of the hair cutting process involves separating clumps of your hair, which is why many hairdressers do a lot of combing to ensure that they are getting the right clump for a more balanced look.

This was one of the tricky bits that he had to teach the robot how to do, where he ultimately relied on a vacuum. He also made an app on his iPad that allowed him to select the hairstyle that he wanted. The robot even “chatted” with him like you would expect from your barber or hairdresser.

According to Shane, he believes that a robot hairdresser holds a lot of potential. “The possibilities for this kind machine are endless with the most interesting things being haircuts that are too hard for human hair cutters to achieve. Imagine a mathematically perfect fade from one side of your head to another. Or imagine if I added a trimmer to this and cutting perfect lithopane pattern into your hair.”

Were the results perfect? If you have several minutes to spare, you might want to watch the video above for the hilarious results.

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