The coronavirus pandemic is one of the worst pandemics we have experienced in recent times. It has not only resulted in people losing their jobs, businesses getting shut down, but it has also resulted in many, many people getting sick and dying. This is why there is a rush to develop a vaccine so that we can get back to some level of normalcy.

The good news is that things appear to be chugging along nicely as Moderna has announced that they have begun the phase 3 trials for their coronavirus vaccine. This trial will see how effective the vaccine is at preventing the coronavirus. So far, the company’s trials have been pretty successful, where patients who received the vaccine during the trial managed to develop antibodies to help fight off the virus.

However, the earlier trials only involved a small handful of participants, but in phase 3, it is expected to involve at least 30,000 volunteers who will be recruited across 100 research sites across the US. Half of the participants will be given a placebo, while the other half will receive the actual vaccine, and neither participants nor the researchers will know who gets what in order to make trials more fair.

Development of the vaccine has been progressing at breakneck speeds and is unprecedented as far as vaccines are concerned. However, there is the question of how long will these vaccines last? Some studies have found that the antibodies that patients develop don’t last very long, and there is still a lot about the virus that researchers have yet to figure out.

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