There are plenty of VPN services out there for you to choose from. The pricing will vary from service to service, with price largely dependent on features. If you’re simply after privacy and nothing more, then you might be interested to learn that Mozilla has recently announced their latest VPN service that will just cost you $5 a month.

Dubbed the Mozilla VPN, this is a VPN service from the company best known for its browser, Firefox. The service will be initially launching in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand, with plans to expand to more markets later in the fall of 2020.

According to Mozilla, what makes their VPN service stand out is that they do not partner with third-party analytics platforms, meaning that all your data will not be shared with other companies. They also state that they will not be keeping user data logs, so you don’t have to worry about your activity logs potentially leaking or being compromised.

At $5 a month, Mozilla VPN is one of the more affordable services around. It might lack certain features compared to other VPN services, but like we said, if you’re simply after privacy and encryption, then this could be worth checking out. It will be available across multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS, with plans to eventually expand to Mac and Linux operating systems as well.

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