Devices like Tile’s Bluetooth trackers allow users to add the tracker to everyday objects like keys, wallets, bags, and so on, where they can then track those items in the event that they misplace them. Taking things to a whole new larger scale is Nali who have announced the N100 device for the location of things and people.


By teaming up with Changhong North America for manufacturing, Codepoint’s N100 tag can be deployed on a larger scale and offer up solutions to businesses who might be looking to implement location of things on their premises, en masse and in a more affordable way.

The tag itself is small and shaped like a credit card and can be adapted, integrated, and programmed according to how businesses see fit.

The platform is designed to feature low-cost hardware, which is a pre-requisite for any mass utulization, and low-power electronics so you don’t have to charge the devices too often.

Codepoint says that it has been mindful about the ease of programming of these devices, but we haven’t looked at the SDK or talked to developers about this point.

According to Gary Tu, Managing Director of Changhong North America, “With the introduction of the Nali N100, solution providers now have the means to address opportunities that were previously cost prohibitive or too complex.  The rechargeable Nali tag can provide about two months of use per charge under typical conditions.  The long-battery life is a great fit for personnel safety, asset tracking, and security monitoring applications.”

Codepoint believes that by handling the hardware from their end, companies can instead focus on the development of software instead of worrying about hardware or infrastructure.

Michael Mathews, President and co-founder of Codepoint Technologies adds, “Web and smartphone developers can create/publish their own applications without requiring detailed knowledge of device’s inner workings.”

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