Time machines are usually the stuff of science fiction, and whether or not this is something that humans will be able to achieve one day is really anyone’s guess. However, inventor Lucas has created a pretty awesome alternative, where through devices like Snap’s Spectacles, he has created a virtual time machine that lets him travel back in the time in a manner of speaking.

Basically what Lucas has done is while wearing the Snap Spectacles, he has recorded his life and using that recorded footage, it will let him revisit any moment in time that was recorded in virtual reality. Granted this only lets Lucas revisit what he’s recorded and it also doesn’t let him interact with his “past”, but it is still a pretty awesome and fun idea nonetheless.

It is a bit of an exaggeration to call it time travel, but you could think of it as being a more elaborate way of browsing your past photos and videos, but with the added advantage of being able to see it in a first-person perspective thanks to the Spectacles wearable. The downside to his current setup is that Spectacles only allows for recording up to a minute at a time, plus he also needed a bunch of hard drives just to preserve everything.

However, like we said, it’s still a pretty awesome project and if you have about 30 minutes or so to spare, you can check out his project in the video above.

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