The Xbox One was launched more than half a decade ago, and the console was later followed by the cheaper Xbox One S, and then the more expensive and more powerful Xbox One X. However, it seems that despite the Xbox One X having been around the shortest, it also seems to have the shortest lifespan as it appears to have been discontinued.

This is according to Australian publication Press Start who has confirmed with two major retailers in the country that they are no longer expecting new stock for the Xbox One X. More evidence of the console being discontinued can be found on Microsoft Australia’s website where it only lists the Xbox One S and the Xbox Series X, which for those unfamiliar is the company’s next-gen console.

Kotaku has further confirmed this to be true where some listings on Amazon Australia are showing that the console has been marked as discontinued, although some are still selling them which presumably are just remaining stock. It should be noted that while these could be limited to Australia, we have found that Microsoft’s website for the US is listing the Xbox One X as being out of stock.

Microsoft has yet to comment on whether or not the Xbox One X has been discontinued, but if it is true, we have to wonder why they have chosen to discontinue it over the Xbox One S. It is possible that they might be keeping the Xbox One S around as a more affordable alternative to the Xbox Series X, but that’s just speculation on our part.

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