Facebook owns multiple communications apps. This includes Messenger, WhatsApp, and we suppose to a certain extent, Instagram through the direct messages feature. All of them exist by themselves, but back in 2019, it was suggested that Facebook was trying to find a way to potentially unify them where users could send messages cross-platform.

Now according to a report from The Verge, it looks like that could already be happening between Instagram and Messenger. According to the publication, several of their editors across the country (which suggests that it might not necessarily be location-specific) have received an update screen when they opened Instagram informing them about a “new way to message” on the app.

Upon being updated, it seems that the DM icon in the Instagram app has been replaced with the Messenger logo. However, it seems like it could possibly be an early test of sorts because at the moment, it is still not possible to message Facebook users directly from Instagram, so it is unclear what has changed at this point.

It is possible that Facebook is simply laying the groundwork for it to work later, although this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. We’re not sure when WhatsApp will be added to the mix, but perhaps it might come later when WhatsApp figures out how to allow multiple devices to use the same account.

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