With companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola making foldable phones, it didn’t really come as a surprise to hear the rumors that Apple could apparently be planning something similar. Whether or not the company actually goes ahead with such a handset remains to be seen.

However, in the meantime a video posted onto the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone has shown off a foldable iPhone that we think looks pretty awesome. This foldable iPhone concept will differ slightly from the typical foldable phone that is like a tablet-smartphone hybrid. Instead, it seems more like devices like the Motorola Razr and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, where it is a phone that can be folded to make it smaller, as opposed to a regular shaped smartphone that can be unfolded into a tablet.

There are pros and cons to such a design, where the obvious con would be that a smaller folded iPhone would be less functional compared to a tablet hybrid. However, the upside is that this would allow Apple to create an iPhone that is even smaller and potentially thinner than before, making it more portable and possibly easier to manage.

That being said, do remember that this is a concept and not a leak. It is not an indication of what Apple will make, but based on what we’re seeing in this video, we have to say that if Apple were to make such a device, color us very interested!

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