When it comes to blockbuster movies, companies usually choose to show it at theaters first before it is made available on DVD/Blu-ray or a streaming service. However, it seems that with many cinemas closed as a result of the pandemic, Disney is trying something new with its upcoming Mulan movie.

Instead of releasing it in cinemas first before it finds its way to Disney+, the company has opted to release it directly to Disney+. Sounds good, right? Yes and no. While this means that subscribers can watch the movie without having to wait for its cinema run to end, there will be an extra cost.

Disney will be charging subscribers an extra $30 if they want to watch Mulan as part of their Disney+ subscription. This means that in addition to the monthly fee to subscribe to the service, customers will have to fork out an extra $30. If you have a family, $30 is more or less the price you would pay for a family of three to go to the cinemas. If you have a larger family, then $30 actually works out to be cheaper.

According to Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek, he notes that this will be a one-off offering, although he notes that it is possible the company could explore this model further depending on how well-received it is. If you’re interested in checking out the movie, it will be available on Disney+ on the 4th of September.

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