The idea of using facial recognition to track down criminals and wanted suspects makes a lot of sense. However, many are uncomfortable with the idea that they are being tracked and recognized even if they might not necessarily be doing anything wrong, which is why New York City is looking to reassess their use of the technology.

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, he has pledged that the city will now see tighter restrictions of the use of the technology by the NYPD. According to the mayor, “We have to be very careful and very limited with our use of anything involving facial recognition. Those standards need to be reassessed. It’s something I will do with my team and with the NYPD.”

The mayor adds, “Facial recognition has no place as a tool to in any way undermine or affect public expression or public protest. We need to be very sparing in our use of facial recognition technology.”

Like we said, facial recognition systems do have their advantages, but it doesn’t mean that they work 100% of the time. Just last month, it was revealed that the use of facial recognition led to a wrongful arrest in Detroit. This is why other cities in the US like San Francisco have banned the use of the technology, while others, like Oakland City, have also looked into banning its use.

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