If the rumors are to be believed, Apple is said to be working on a pair of their own branded over-ear headphones called the AirPods Studio. So far what we know is that it will be wireless and based on the leaked photos, it will sport a set of oblong earcups, a deviation from the more round or oval-shaped earcups we typically expect to see from headphones.

Now according to a tweet by leakster @L0vetodream, it seems that the AirPods Studio will also come with a U1 chipset. For those who are unfamiliar, the U1 chipset actually made its debut with the iPhone 11 last year. It brings Ultra Wideband technology to the device that is said to be an improvement over regular Bluetooth as it is said to be more accurate.

It was initially speculated that this could be part of Apple’s plan to introduce it with their Tile-like accessory (which has yet to debut), but the tweet by the leakster suggests that Apple could actually have grander plans for it. Apparently it is going to play a big role in Apple’s overall ecosystem, although at this point in time, it’s really anyone’s guess as to what that might be.

However, as far as the implementation in the AirPods Studio are concerned, it was suggested that it could be used to determine the position of the headphones on the user’s head, so that users won’t have to manually figure out which are the left or right earcups. That’s just one example and we’re sure that there could be other features associated with it. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully Apple will have more details at its iPhone event next month.

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