The concept of drones raises mixed feelings in people. For some, drones are viewed as recreational devices where they can be used to take photos and videos, while others view drones as an invasion of privacy and also where they can be used in warfare to conduct surveillance on the enemy and also launch attacks.

For the most part, drones are controlled by human pilots remotely, but a company by the name of Anduril has since announced a new drone called the Ghost 4 that can actually rely on the use of AI to not only help conduct surveillance, but also to attack, bringing us a step closer towards a Terminator-like future.

The Ghost 4 drone measures about two meters, but it can be carried in a backpack and has been designed to withstand the elements. It can also be stripped of most of its accessories and drop down to 35 pounds, making it slightly easier to bring around. It also boasts a 100 minute flight time and can also be piloted autonomously.

It can be programmed to fly “dark” and be used to monitor or track subjects or a location, and store that information in itself to prevent itself from being detected through radio signals. It will also be capable of flying in a swarm so that if it is detected or has its signal jammed, it will be able to offload that data to another nearby drone.

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