Everyday, the number of COVID-19 infections changes. Some places might look like they are handling things well, but all it takes is one infected person to infect a cluster of people, which in turn can lead to an even greater cluster and have a negative impact on the number of daily infections.

As such, it’s not always a guarantee that just because one area is doing well that they will continue to do well. The good news for those who plan on traveling is that Google is now integrating COVID-19 stats into Google Maps. This comes in the form of an overlay where users can turn on the layer to get an idea of the number of COVID-19 infections based on a seven-day average.

They will also be able to get notes on whether or not infection rates are increasing or decreasing. This means that if you plan to travel to a different state, you can check Google Maps to see what the infection rates are and if they’re going up or down, and then you can make your decision based on that.

This feature will be made available worldwide and the feature is currently being rolled out to both iOS and Android devices, so make sure you update your app if you’d like to check it out.

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