If you’ve ever seen an IKEA catalog or browsed its website, you might be thinking that it seems like a crazy amount of work to layout all of the company’s products in various scenarios, especially with all the different color combinations. In case you did not know, the bulk of them are actually computer generated.

This allows the company to quickly throw together marketing materials and create different looks without having to reshuffle furniture and put them through photoshoots each and every time. If your mind is blown, then check this out because IKEA is taking its CGI efforts to the next level by introducing a CGI “influencer” model to its catalog.

Dubbed “Imma”, this CGI model actually has a following online and was created by ModelingCafe a while ago. However, it should be noted that only the head is computer generated, which is then placed on top of a real human model’s body during postproduction, meaning that she isn’t 100% computer generated.

Yup, so that person you’re seeing in the video above isn’t 100% real, and that’s pretty scary to think how far along we’ve come in terms of computer graphics to make them look so realistic. So, could this become the new standard in terms of product photography, where brands in the future might simply turn to CGI for their models? We wouldn’t be surprised if that is the future we could end up living in.

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